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Bourne is Australian Songstress Alex Bourne and Composer/ Producer Niko Stoessl. What they do is beautiful trash : distinguished and elegant, yet dark and earthy. Produced by Niko Stoessl, launched from his very own Birthmark Studio, and released on independant label, Birthmark Recordings, Bourne present their first collection of ten songs, better referred to as „story excerpts“ on a full length album titled "So Damn Easy."

Bourne’s So Damn Easy offers up Alex’s incarnation of angelic Tori-esque melody and harmony while telling of a road trip blood bath, to the tune of irrational dirty slide guitar - Delicate and Rebelious - Fragile yet Destructive. Tracks three to seven are bound by interlude, where an Acoustic guitar sits on an animated backdrop of Niko’s signature programming and harmonies of the dark and moody kind. Like a soundtrack that is played, Bourne’s story excerpts unfold tales of the gritty and romantic, conjuring up vast images as revelations of yearning and of the pitiful plight of humanity are laid bare.

Bourne’s brand new music video "The Painting" - by Bernd Preiml

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